Monday, April 11, 2005


This weekend was sooo bloomin' quick it almost feels as though it never existed! There's still a strange atmosphere in the house but I think it's slowly sorting itself out. I really can't remember what I did Friday..... *thinks* .... I think I just kept myself to myself and played a bit of KOTOR2 with a beer and went to bed without hardly saying a word to anybody!!
Saturday started with the usual visit to my mum's and when I got back to Boscombe I popped into Wilkinson's to grab a new bin as the old one still had mouldy sick in it from where Collette freaked out after a little bit of weed.... and 3 bottles of wine!! I got home and kept to myself again by tidying my room and doing laundry (ooh what an exciting life I lead!) Eventually after getting ready to go out I finally showed my face and went into the lounge to watch (and video) the latest episode of Dr Who (which, by the way, totally rocked!) Then it was time to sort out going to The Gander to meet up with Emma, Rich, Helen and Becky. I managed to get there 30 mins before everybody else even though I waited around the house til 9:30pm - we were originally meant to meet up at 8:30pm but Helen said she couldn't get hold of Emma and Rich. When she finally tracked them down in The Molt And Hops she texted me at 9:40 saying they'd left the pub and they'll be at the Gander in 10 mins. So I gave it about 5 mins and left my house. When I got to our gate I noticed the bus at the bus-stop by Boscombe gardens. Remembering I still had my day-tripper buzzcard I ran like the clappers to the next bus-stop and got on a packed busfull of clubbers and townies driven by what can only be described as the bus service's answer to Damon Hill!! I think I got to Lansdowne quicker than I could find a space to sit down!! Because of that I ended up in the Gander 30 mins before everybody else got there!! D'oh! When they eventually arrived I got a big apology hug from Emma and Helen, Richie-Rich bought me a pint, and Becky (who I had fancied up until Saturday night) looked like a wet blanket! I seem to remember biting Emma's elbow and making her bleed!!

.... but that was only because she bit mine first and said that I doesn't hurt cos you've got no nerve endings in your elbow. Oops!!! After a couple of drinks we went onwards to O'Neills where I bumped into Lucy...

... Marcus and Nadia....

...and Debbie (who I didn't get a photo of!!) I hadn't seen these guys for, like, 6 years or something. Debbie is now a Doctor in Bristol (unbelievable!) and we were chatting together for ages about our last relationships and bands we've seen. She once got on The Killers tour bus with some members of Bloc Party. The Bloc Party blokey said you can pick who you want to shag! And then she thought "I'm a doctor, what the hell am I doing here?!?" and went home! After a pretty shit time at O'Neills (the band sucked, the music after the band sucked, the volume of the speakers was louder in the seating area than the dancefloor, and all the lights were kept full-on!) we decided to try and find somewhere else. We ended up in Camel for about 30 mins then got a Taxi home.

The next day I had the worst hangover ever. I woke at 1pm, felt like absolute poo, made cereal, had 3 mouthfuls and thought fuck it and went back to bed with some headache pills. Woke again at 4:30 and felt kinda better - the headache was gone but still felt dizzy and sickly! Eventually I sorted it out and went to La Bateau to see Lounge play and meet up with a few friends...

... Lounge played well, as did the guys before them, and at the end Andy gave me a lift home. When I got in Glen and Kate were up watching Celebrity Poker (including the actors that played Geordi La Forge and Wesley Crusher from Star Trek and the drummer from No Doubt.) That was pretty damn gripping, I really enjoyed it. Then I went to bed..... woke up at about 4 in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep ... so I checked my email and made a cuppa and went to bed.

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