Monday, April 11, 2005

Mondane Mondays

Ahhhh it's soooo good to be back in the office and knuckling down to some good honest hard work after 2 and a half days of lazing around and doing whatever the fuck I please...... NOT!! It's not fair, the weekend's gone past too quick. It's just like Emma said earlier on the way to the pub at lunch "Life's flying past too quickly - we'll be dead soon" Boohoo!! I s'pose my only salvation is that my desk is right next to the window so I get to look out onto the car park and watch the Sales teams constantly blag off work for they're regular 10 minutely nicotine intake and chortle and guffaw about how much money they're making for selling our shoddy product. Fuckers! No it's not that I'm bitter in the slightest (may not be 100% true) but they do make shed loads more money than I do and my job's far more important!..... oh great, the sun's come out now. That makes me feel so much better that I'm stuck in the office so I can't enjoy it!

Still, it's nearly time to go home and kick back with a lovely cold beer and kickstart the Xbox to play Doom3. Woohoo!! Man that game is awsome. I can now vent my frustration by kicking ugly demons asses back to hell with the BFG (that's Big Fucking Gun to all those that have never played Doom) in a gore-splattered blood fest of darkness! *gasp*

On a lighter note, I can now add Freelance Graphic Designer to my CV as I've designed flyers and posters for The Hat. I've still to see any plastered up around town yet though. Keep 'em peeled fellow Bournemouthians.

And finally a joke sent to me by Kim to cheer me up on this nightmare of a day:
A girl walks into the doctors as says: "Doctor, everytime I pull down my panties my vagina starts singing 'Show Me The Way To Amarillo'!!" The doctor says "I shouldn't worry about it too much. Every cunt's singing it!"


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