Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Hat at The Portman

Time for an update methinks considering I haven't posted for a while. Firstly.... on Thurday night The Hat played a stonking gig at The Portman Pub on Ashley Road. The headlining act was Pronghorn, who already have quite a large fanbase (they've just recently been confirmed to play at Glastonbury this year...again!) and so The Portman was really packed. This is a good thing for The Hat because it gives a lot of people to try out The Hat for the first time. I did actually notice a few people's ears prick up and take notice when The Hat started playing. I also bumped into Carolyn and Dave von Betika and had a chat with them for a bit at the bar and also joined them at the 'balcony' to watch one of the supporting acts. Here's a few pics...

More pics are available on The Hat's official website and message board. After the gig we all chilled out with a few beers in the main bar area with Pronghorn playing in the background. Had a pretty good laugh and then went back to Scott and Fran's, watched a bit of telly then crashed out on the sofa (as I didn't have to go to work on Friday!!) All in all it was a top night!

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