Thursday, April 21, 2005


I know, I know... I've been extremely lazy with the BLOG recently. I've been having trouble sleeping recently so everything has kinda been taken by the wayside. So, I'll knock out a few posts today relating to things that have happened since Monday.

Right, first off... London!!! Had a bloody good time. As you already know I crashed on one of Scott and Fran's sofas (the larger of the two.... as I'm taller than Pri!) but didn't sleep well cos I was really hot and slightly excited about going to London. Woke up at about 6, had breakfast and got ready to leave the house. The weahter looked grim but I decided to leave me jumper at the flat and go with T-shirt and Parker. We made a dash for the number 20 bus to get to Bournemouth Triangle for 7:05am, missed that but right behind it was a red bus. That'll do.

Before we left Scott and Fran's flat, Fran gave out some travel sickness pills. Now, I've never had these before and you're supposed to take them just before you start travelling. Well, after we'd got to the Triangle we had to wait a wile for the bus and I started 'coming up' on these travel pills. My God, those things are mental - it made me and Scott really hyper and dizzy. Should they be legal?!? Check out mine and Scott's eyes on these bus pics!!

Me and Pri Fran and Scott

We eventually arrived in London at about 10:30 - pretty good going if you ask me considering trains and coaches take about 4 hours and the Megabus only stops in Ringwood and Winchester. First thing we did when we got there was get ourselves a travelcard then it was a quick jump on the tube to Oxford Circus where we dissappeared doiwn Carnaby Street and did some shopping. According to Fran I merged in with London people too well cos they kept losing me and then I'd pop up from nowhere and make her jump!! At one point I lost everybody when we were in the Deisel store, I thought everyone had gone downstairs but when I looked for them I got stuck in a conversation with the guy that worked there about VW Beetles and Vans - just because I had a VW Van on my t-shirt! About an hour into shopping we were all starting to flag a bit so we popped into a pizza place and scoffed lots of yummy pizza. This gave us a bit more energy to do more shopping. We headed back to Oxford Street and went into H&M, Topman, Levi, HMV to name but a few where I bought, in total, 2 t-shirts, a shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of sunglasses. Then we headed to Soho and onwards to Covent Garden where we spotted some Banksy graffiti. Here's a few more pics...

I'll continue this banter when I get home from work!!... In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your day. (blimey... I'm in a good mood today!)

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