Saturday, April 23, 2005

London cont.

...From Covent Garden we went towards the Thames to see what we could see. We ended up coming out by Embankment station opposite the London Eye. There we Fran spotted another Banksy grafitti, which we had to take a piccy of. We also stumbled across some Salvador Dali sculptures...

Time was starting to get tight so we had to try and find our way back to Victoria Station so we can catch our bus back to Bournemouth. We wanted to get a picture of us on the back of one of the lions in Trafalgar Square in true tourist style but there was no time. We basically walked past it going "Right, that's Nelson's Column" and walked onwards to the tube station! Although we were crushed in rush hour tube travellers we actually made quite a seamless journey back! When we got to Victoria Station we spotted some Dalek Toilets which had to be photoed..

We quickley orders a Subway for something to eat for the journey back and made the bus with seconds to spare! On the bus we took another travel pill and ended up acting like complete monkeys by doing Bruce Forsyth impressions and pretending to be Scouse pill-popping ravers where the term "I'm buzzin'! I'm bangin'!" was used loads.

we finally got home at about 9.30. I slept like a log! (...and woke up in the fireplace.... oooh the pun!)

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