Sunday, April 17, 2005

More Art

After having quite a lazy Friday, Saturday was a more productive day. I sat in front of the PC all day (except to watch Dr Who!!) and experimented with Photoshop. Here's the results...

Ameoba Digital Clouds
Boombox Flower
Smokey HAL Urban Decay

...I eventually went to bed at 12:30. That's normally quite early for me. I HAD to go to bed cos me head was buzzing with loads of new ideas and I felt kinda sick from staring at a PC monitor all day. Just as I was shutting down Glen came back from part 2 of Mark's stag night. He brought back Lee, Andy and Martin and they asked me if Ii wanted to join them in a smoke and play some Project Gotham 2. I had to decline. They all crashed round here last night and they've gone to play golf this morning! Mad!!

Righto, I'm about to have a bath and grab some nosh and get ready to go round Scott and Fran's for the evening. Scott, Fran, Pri and me are going to London and have to catch a bus (booked on from Bournemouth University at 7am!! It's gonna be a good day I reckon - I'm well looking forward to it!

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