Friday, April 01, 2005


I'm going to see one of my mate's bands tonight, Grifter. They' ok! Nothing amazing but you have to support your mate's bands right? I only know the guitarist, he's the other half of an acoustic set-up called Lounge. Now Lounge ARE amazing! You can listen to clips of their tracks from the tiny website. Maybe I should offer making a full website for them!? hmmm

On the subject of bands, Scott's band, The Hat, are playing at The Villa soon with a couple of other bands, one of is another friends band, Betika. Now I've never seen Betika live but I've wanted to for a while so I'm really looking forward to it. It'd be interesting to see Carolyn sing, I've heard her on their CD's but have never seen her perform.

Man, I wish I wasn't soooo stricken with stage fright. I used to be in a couple of bands, like 6 years ago, but now just get so nervous. I can't even play in front of some mates in the living room or whatever without feeling like my heads gonna explode. Maybe I should get some hypnotherapy or something. Lee really wants to set up a band with me (he's the other half of Lounge) cos he's had the pleasure of actually hearing me play my songs and really likes the sound and style I get. Now my housemate, Glen, is currently a talented but band-less bass player so, in effect, we've already got the basics of a band right in my own home. We just need a drummer. The best and most original drummer that I know is Scott but he's with The Hat!! Oooooh it's all too complicated! I think I'll just stick to twanging away in my bedroom for now I think.

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