Friday, July 20, 2007

Record Industry Now Completely Bonkers, Wants DRM on All Radio

It’s amazing how complete and total crazies can suddenly wind up with the backing of organizations powerful enough to dictate the law. Witness the strange story of the “stream-ripping” scare, and how it somehow led to a push for mandatory, proprietary DRM on all Internet radio.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Grooves on the Green

I was proper pissed off that I missed it this year! Can anybody tell me what it was like?

The reason why I missed it was cos we were practicing for a Blind Voyeurs gig at the Central. It was part of an after party band bash organised by with Sancho and Toupe.

It was good to see The Central back on the circuit as a venue to bands to play. If they book some good bands - y'know, proper touring bands - it could have the potential of being a great venue. Give it about a year and a small bit of refurb (lick of paint, bit of carpet, some locks on the girls bog doors!) and it could be great. Don't fuck it up, boys.

So, yeah, I enjoyed playing that gig. Had a nice sized, open minded, listening crowd. I think we played pretty well, had good comments anyhow - even an offer to play Strawberry Fields festival next year. Ace!

Here's a clip of us lot playing The Mockery. Sorry about the poor quality - it was off my mobile phone. Also, another apology for some of us having our tops off!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Daft Hands...

Ok, I've had my rant for the day. Now to restore a positive flow of chi energy for the song that Kanye West has so viciously attacked, here's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger as demonstracted with hands! The first 50 seconds or so are a bit boring and feels odd to watch but wait until the lyrics start and it gets amazing!!

Kanye West is a dick!!

I've just seen Kanye West's new music video and it left me feeling furious and empty. He blatently tries to rip off two of my many favourite things - Akira and Daft Punk. Firstly, take a look at the video....

A little history: At last year's MTV video music awards in Europe, Kanye's video lost to relative unknowns in the Best Video category. Those unknowns were a french group called Justice with their remix of a Simian Mobile Disco song. Justice is now the flagship group under the electronic label Ed Banger. Kanye was furious upon his loss, and got up on stage and ranted and raved about how he was the best and deserved the video yadda yadda yadda. See this video...

Feeling like a large douchebag, Kanye called up Ed Banger and apologized and started talking with the label's owner, Pedro Winter (Busy P) who is incidentally Daft Punk's manager. Winter then introduced Daft Punk to Kanye, who before meeting Winter had no idea who the fuck Daft Punk is (a cardinal sin in most countries).

Then, in a desperate attempt to show that he is in the know with those robot gods of electronic music, incorporated their song Harder Better Faster Stronger into one of his steaming piles of shit known as a song. Influenced by Daft PUnk's vintage sci-fi anime imagery, Kanye opted for Akira as the visual cue for his video. In other words, Kanye stomped all over two of my most favorite things in the world, Daft Punk and Akira, in a desperate attempt to maintain relevancy in the world.

Bitter? You'd better believe it!