Monday, July 09, 2007

Grooves on the Green

I was proper pissed off that I missed it this year! Can anybody tell me what it was like?

The reason why I missed it was cos we were practicing for a Blind Voyeurs gig at the Central. It was part of an after party band bash organised by with Sancho and Toupe.

It was good to see The Central back on the circuit as a venue to bands to play. If they book some good bands - y'know, proper touring bands - it could have the potential of being a great venue. Give it about a year and a small bit of refurb (lick of paint, bit of carpet, some locks on the girls bog doors!) and it could be great. Don't fuck it up, boys.

So, yeah, I enjoyed playing that gig. Had a nice sized, open minded, listening crowd. I think we played pretty well, had good comments anyhow - even an offer to play Strawberry Fields festival next year. Ace!

Here's a clip of us lot playing The Mockery. Sorry about the poor quality - it was off my mobile phone. Also, another apology for some of us having our tops off!!

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