Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Drivers Licence...

So, I'm gonna start learning to drive this year.... well, HOPING to anyway. Which means I'll need to get a provisional driving licence. This meant I had to get my mugshot from one of those lovely machines that make you look like a serial killer!

Now I've got this far I'll have to fill out the application form. God I hate forms. I'll probably never get round to this for another 2 months or so knowing me.

I'm in two minds when it comes to driving. On one hand, I'd love to be able to have my own car and the freedom to go where I want when I want in my own personal space. And to be able to carry my band stuff around to gigs or whatever. And to not rely so much on Lisa and take turn driving places.

But the other half of me wants to prevent adding yet another car onto our already over-crowded roads, not contribute to the ever increasing build up of smog. It will make me lazy and fat. It'll also make me skint cos of all the road tax, MOT, petrol etc etc. It's not like I can afford to live at the moment WITHOUT a car!

Decisions decisions....

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Christmas period.

Christmas was great this year. Normally, I have to make sure everyone else is happy and do lots of journeys to other peoples houses to make visits when all I want to do is stay home, open my presents and get fat! This year that was pretty much all I did. Ok, I went to my mum's in the morning for Christmas lunch and exchanged presents but we were back home by about 3ish. And I went to my dad's on Boxing Day to give him his present and had a pub meal. But other than that we stayed at home.

Lisa bought me a Nintendo Wii. I knew I was getting one (see?) but it was still cool to actually finally open it... especially after all the news reports about many people with pre-orders being disappointed with stock shortages. I've got to say that it is an amazing console and thoroughly recommend one. Everyone who came to my place over the Christmas period will have played it and loved it so much they're like, "I've gotta get one!". It really is sooooooo much fun!

It was also that time of year for the Glenigan Christmas Party! What a yawn that was. I only went for the free booze! Oh and the members of the board performing the YMCA! The rest of it was boring. Being in IT we always get put on the table right at the back somewhere - usually behind a pilar so we can't see the awards being presented. This year was no different. I eventually moved to a different table with Andy. The food was pretty run-of-the-mill stuff. After the meal was the awards. This always bores me cos I'm not in a department that can be given an award. After that there was a really bad covers band. I felt like I was at someones wedding. Yep, all the usual cover band sinners were played - Mustang Sally, You Can Leave Your Hat On etc etc etc. After that it was the moment I was waiting for... it if you dare! After that I went home.

After Christmas me and Lisa went up to Newbury for James 8th Birthday (for those of you that don't know, James is Lisa's God-Son.) We stayed over a couple of nights and did a bit of shopping in Newbury. I bought myself Yakuza for the PS2 for £9.98...

New Years Eve was a big ol' party at Andy's in Three Legged Cross. This was Blind Voyeurs first secret warm-up gig. It was a warm-up for our first public gig at Centre Stage on the 5th Jan. We managed to practice the whole set before the guest arrived so when we played we were HOT!! I think we surprised a lot of people cos they were expecting something chilled out and ambient. It was our fault cos we did tell then that we were! Oh well. After our little half hour we DJed, got very twisted and jumped in the hot-tub. Good times had all round!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!!

This is just a quick messgae to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Yes, I know it's 4 days late but I've been really busy and not had a chance to get to my blog until now. But rest assured I have lots of cool pics and stuff to share with you all.

Meanwhile, this is what your cats (if you ave any) have probably been doing ALL day while you're at work...