Thursday, April 07, 2005

Lounge at Mr Smiths

I went to Mr Smiths last night to see Lounge play. As per usual they were on top form. The place was actually really busy - which it usually quite rare. I think it must be cos of half term because the place was packed with students. Marks girlfriend went to the loos at one point and somebody was smoking weed in the cubicle next to her - that is so ametuer and student-like. Why didn't they just stand outside so the smell can dissapate into air?? Anyhoo, all the bands that played were actually on top form, I'm glad I went. Gonna see Lounge again at La Bateau on Sunday.

When I got back I had a few drinks with the housemates. Everything was cool until at one point Sarah really upset me by trying to get inside my mind and be a psycho-analytical. I gave her signals to stop quite early but she continued and pissed me off. I ended up storming off upstairs after shouting at her - I admit I could've handled it a bit better but she was accusing me of doing stuff that I didn't and wouldn't admit to being wrong. Guess who's in the dog-house now!! I hope we can sort it out cos I love the girl to bits. Anyway, here's some pics of the bands at Mr Smiths...

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