Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Well, as you know I went to give my support to the (shit) band Grifter. I swear the lead singer thinks he's Kelly Jones or sommat! He even looks like him. Anyhoo, they were the supporting band for a new up-and-coming act called Editors.

Now, I'd never heard of them but Scott assured me that they are s'posed to be pretty darn good and that he's read a lot about them in NME recently. Sure enough, he wasn't wrong! They pretty much rocked The Villa's roof off. But, as is always the case in Bournemouth, when there's a new band playing locally people always stand in a semi-circle about 10 feet away from the front! I don't know why, but you always see it. It's just the typical Bournemouth way. The only time I've seen people crammed to the front of the stage at a gig in the Villa is during Carter:USM and Snow Patrol. I'll bet anycunt £50 that next time they play down here people will be fighting to get to the front!

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