Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hula Hoops or Digestives?

I just bought a packet of Hula Hoops for my 11 o'clock munch attack... but what I really wanted was some Digestives. Man, Hula Hoops are no substitute for Digestives. You can't dunk Hula Hoops into your tea - it just makes the tea salty. I would run to the shop and get some but a couple of factors get in the way....
a) it's raining outside and
b) I'm skint!!
.... looks like I'll have to stick with the Hula Hoops then! hmph!

PS. Just found out that both Hula Hoops and Digestives are made by the same company, KP McVities.

currently listening to - nothing
(Although, I've had Kaiser Chiefs in my head all day!)

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