Friday, April 08, 2005

The Terminal and Bum Fights

After getting caught in torential rain on the way back home from work I went round to Scott and Fran's last night. I had to give Scott his new battery for his digital camera and I wanted him to check out the samples of some of the posters I've made for The Hat gig. (Poster samples are viewable here, here and here.)
When I got there I was starving cos when I got home earlier I fell asleep and didn't have a chance to eat. I said that I'm just gonna pop to the chippy for some grub and Fran was like "Oh you can have one of our pizza's if ya like!" - I had a ham and pineapple one... oooh it were grand! So after I'd commented on their nice new sofa (delivered that day!) and caught up on Scott, Fran and Pri's current events we settled down to a couple of DVD's. After a bit of uncertainty we watched Bum Fights 2!! We weren't too sure at first - we thought it was gonna be too shocking and make us want to puke but, in all honesty, it wasn't any worse than watching a couple of episodes of Jackass or Dirty Sanchez. There were bits I couldn't watch such as when this guy ate a raw frog and someother bum tried to pull one of his teeth out by tying it to a rock (after a few unsuccessful attempts he got a friend to pull it out with some plyers! Gross!) When that finished it was, like 9.30pm so we thoguht we'd watch another DVD. This time we watched The Terminal. I thought the film was great and thoroughly recommend it, although I was speaking to somebody a while back and they said it was poo!! Each to their own I guess!

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