Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Kim Geliot has entered the building!!

Well, this weekend has been a busy one, that's for sure! It's currently Wednesday at the time of writing this so I'll try my hardest to recall events since Friday night to the best of my abilities (i'm sure I'll end up forgetting something!) Anyway, essentially Friday night was scheduled as Hayley-May Tucker's leaving party in town and Kim wanted to surprise her by turning up. The evening started with me being picked up by Kirsty and Steve from outside my place and were dropped off near Barclays Bank in Bournemouth to go meet Kim and Paul in Daisy O'Brians where we had a quick pint and catch up.... well I say catch up, what I meant by that was "We sat there not knowing what to say for 5 mins cos I was stunned that Kim and Paul were back and Paul and Kim were stunned to see us!"

The reason why we met there was cos Kimmy wanted to see Caprice before we went to Casa for Hayley's Leaving get together. After about 30 mins we drank up and stomped our way to Casa to find poor ol' Suzy standing there on her own and nobody else was there yet. Everybody was still at the restaurant and hadn't left yet. They eventually arrived at about 10ish in a massive group - Hayley, Kelly, Lauren, Paula, Gareth, Pete, Marcus, Nicky and a whole bunch of people I'd either never met before or couldn't remember the names of! Kelly was on crutches again because of a netball injury but still managing to shake her butt to the music. Mmmmm. *ahem*

Anyway, there was no sign of my favourite little cute barmaid with the dreds but there was another really cute blond girl who looked nothing short of a model, made me drool for a bit. And of course, the guy who thinks he's Tom Cruise was working in full Cocktail cheesiness serving ONLY girls who came to the bar.

After Casa we moved onwards to Bliss and, as per usual, it was wall-to-wall pretentious assholes. Sometimes I like to go to places like this for the pure mockery and to make me realise how normal and sane I am, but most times it can get a bit too much for me. Especially when I see somebody who I used to hang out and have a laugh with in The Villa about 8 years ago and does her very best to ignore me and disappear into the crowd. Mind you, I did spot her when I was talking to Paul (she was on the other side of the table) and didn't really want to speak to her, but when we both managed to catch eachothers eye I could see the awkwardness in her face. She clearly wanted to forget her skater grrrl past cos she was soooo immersed in the towny way of life. Oh well.

We got bored of Bliss after a couple of drinks so Kim, Paul, Kirsty and myself decided to break off from the rest of the gang and go to O'Neills. I'm starting to feel like I've done that place to death now as I really wasn't getting much of a good vibe out of the place. There was definitely no decent ladies in there that's for certain (not including Kim and Kirsty, obviously!) I think we all did shots of Sambuca in here but I really can't remember. Kirsty went home at some point (can't remember that either!) and then the three of us spent the last I don't know how long hanging out and drinking ourselves stupid until kicking out time. Then I walked with Kim and Paul up as far as the ASDA car park and had a long and emotional drunken chat about relationships and how Paul and Kim couldn't understand why I was single. Paul even shed a tear trying to build my confidence.... I really am still not ready for a girlfriend. Collette's pretty much destroyed my confidence and I just feel ugly. And if I feel ugly why the hell would anybody else think anything different. I dunno, I just don't want to be hurt again and I definitely don't want to set myself up for that. Too many girls have treated me like shit.

Er..... sorry about all that. Time for some pictures I think...

Look, they're in Bournemouth!!!...
...and Kirsty just can't believe it!!
Me and Hayley doing a very camp Austin Powers type pose!
That's my girls
Need more cash - on our way to Bliss
Very drunk hugging commences in O'Neills
'*hic* I love you, man, I really do *hic* You're amazing *hic*' etc etc etc
'Is this my good side?'

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