Friday, May 27, 2005

New Flat - New Horizons!!

I went to see my new flat today. I'm gonna be moving in with Chantal, Rob from Perico and.... er.... can't remember her name! Mind you, I'm surprised I can remember anything at all of what happened over the weekend - I've pretty much got wasted every night from Thursday night through to Monday night. I think I've probably erased some of my braincells!

The place need a bit of a tidy up but hey, it looks good enough for me. My room will have its own patio - which will rock in the Summer... not to sure whether it'd be much fun in the Winter though! But then I might not even stay that long!

Rob was having a bit of a stress about a bass rig that he's been trying to borrow for the weekend and time was running short. But everything was a-ok after a couple of hours and so we headed off to Alcatraz to see Glockenspiel and The SK-5 at the Panda Flesh night. It was pretty weird going to this venue. I used to go there every Thursday and Saturday when it was the X-Treme years back. And it looks the same but different.... very odd. It was only the groundfloor that was open though - upstairs and the basement were closed. There were quite a lot of people there... regulars were saying how it was busier than normal. Now I don't want to run the risk of sounding like my grandad but fuck me, the music was soooo loud! I know there's a stigma attached to saying that particular sentence, and thus most people don't complain about it and just continue being deafened even though they're finding the volume uncomfortable! Typical brits!

Glock were a bit more comprehensible than usual tonight! I dunno why, maybe it was because I was actually listening to them, but hat's off to the Glock. Then SK-5 were on. They were using their first stage prop - a tent!!! That's right, all four of them squeezed into a tiny blue dome-tent and played random music made up on the spot, with Lee (Dutch Husband) occassionally holding up cards with the name of the songs. They had a video camera watching them inside the tent at all times and it was being projected onto the big projection screen behind them. So it wasn't like they alienated the audience by hiding inside the tent.

After the set, which went from being ok to being good to being amazingly kick-ass and back to good again, the boys packed up their equipment and came over to me and Lottie and said everyone's going to the Casino if I wanted to join. I thought why not!

I chose not to bet again as I was already pretty wasted by this time. So I just hung back, watched and drank while everybody else went on the table. Richard Chasemore (the artist who does the Star Wars Cross-sections books) orders a massive pile of ham and cheese sandwiches. The good thing about Casino's is that a few rounds of sandwiches are free if you're playing on the tables - you only pay a tip so Rich gave the waitress a quid!! hehe!

The rest of the evenings events went a bit cloudy from here on in. But I seem to remember getting up and going to work without any problems.... must've still been drunk!

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