Friday, May 13, 2005

London revisited

Went to London on Sunday with Caprice, Scott and Fran. We used Megabus again cos they were so good last time - cheap, quick and easy (god, I sound like an advert!!). It was a little bit more expensive than last time we went though - must've been cos it was a Sunday and not a weekday. We went to Spitalfield market and had a trek around Brick Lane market (where one of The Killers video's was shot no less!).

I have to stop spending money like it's going out of fashion!! I bought a new pair of trainers (Dunlop Green Flash) and some jeans (by Carharrt) as well as some trousers and a shirt for work!

.... I'll complete this later. I've got a hangover from hell after last night's Rubber Soul opening at O'Neills! There'll be pictures 'n' stuff!

currently listening to: a slight ringing in my ears!

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