Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sunny Sunday

This was a lovely day, really hot weather and very sunny. Had a nice lazy Sunday planned just lounging around in the back garden when I got a text from Scott. So I went round there's at about 2ish - 3ish gave him the Atari bag I promised and he gave me another t-shirt that didn't fit him. Wicked. We then went down to King's Park and kicked a footy about for a bit and took some photos with Scott's camera (I'll post them up on here as soon as I get copies) After about an hour Paul and Kim joined us for a bit and then we went to Scott's for a cuppa and to give Kim her birthday presents.

Me, Scott and Fran walked into town to meet everyone at the Little Indian (formally known as The Original Balti) at 8pm. We made good time even though we stopped off at my house for me to drop off my bag and grab a different t-shirt (my first pink t-shirt!!) In fact we were 20 min early so we went into the Litten Tree to grab a quick drinky-poos. I got the round - a vodka and orange and 2 JD and coke's - then found somewhere to sit. The place was soooo towny it was unreal. But it was all so pretentious - a group of girls came in and slinked their way to the bar acting all prim and proper-like with short skirts and high heels, and then one of them started pulling her knickers out of her arse - very ladylike!!

So, we drank up and made our way across the road to The Little Indian where we saw Kim, Paul, Gary and Simone sitting in the foyer. After about 5 mins Steve, Kirsty, Rich and Lottie arived and we were ushered to our seats. I had a kick ass lamb bhuna with pilau rice.

After bloating ourselves out and drinking pints of Kingfisher and Cobra beer we wanted to find another provider of alcahol and commence with the merry proceedings! First thought - O'Neills (again!), they had just called time at the bar so went to find somewhere else. Inferno - they too had just called time but we thought as we were here we may as well get some drinks in.

After about 30 mins, when everybody except us had filtered out we wanted, nay NEEDED to find another establishment and promptly thought of The Consortium. So off we went...

En route we found Bar Vin and couldn't decide whether to go here or not (Kim: "What do ya think, shall we stick or twist?") Eventually we decided on going in. We found a big table, large enough to accomodate a bunch of misfits such as us. Queue lots of randomness and general nonsensical tom-foolery...

People filtered off to go home and get some shut eye but Paul, Kim, Rich and myself still hadn't quenched our thirst and decided to find a casino - they would still be selling booze and would also provide lighthearted entertainment such as gambling! We witnessed in awe as some italian fat bloke spunked about a grand up the wall whilst later on another table a person of oriental origin aquired 2 grand in chips and passed half of them to a friend to cash while he tried to get more. I took a few snaps of us in there and wanted to take more to soak in some of the atmosphere but Rich reminded me that it was, in fact, illegal to take pictures in a casino. Ah fuck it!....

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