Sunday, May 08, 2005

Betika missed!!

Friday night was supposed to be the night I saw Betika play again at Mr Smiths. Unfortunately I had nobody to go with. I sent texts to Scott, Mooro and Simone but Scott was convinced they weren't playing and wanted to take an easy night in anyway, Mooro was going away for the weekend for somebody's wedding (oops, almost typed 'weeding'!) and Simone didn't get back to me... in fact she only remembered about it when Gary got back home and was like "Oh, I forgot to mention, Stevie wanted to come too!" Nice one, Simone. And I thought I was the forgetful one! hehe!

Oh well, no bother. I've now got Gary's mobile number (don't really know why I never had it before!) so whenever there's something like this happening I can text both - I'm sure one of them will reply! Will make sure I see the next gig on the 19th May - that's Star Wars: Episode III release date by the way, so if you couldn't get a ticket for the opening night of the final installment of the Lucas's saga then go to this instead. See Betika's schedule page for more info.

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(but I do have 'Mama Mia' by Abba in my head... don't ask!)

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