Saturday, May 28, 2005

Final Friday

This was to be the last day for Kirsty at Glenigan. It was an odd day. It felt like every other boring, long, dull, dragged out day at work... except one of my best mates who comes upstairs for chats all the time at random intervals is leaving. It's gonna be weird when she's gone.

I did the big mistake of going to the pub for lunch. But it was cos of Kirsty's last day so it was ok... and besides the hair of the dog would've done me good (ok, I'm trying to justify it to myself here!) Went back to work with a tad smelly breath but that was OK, I had chewing gum. The rest of the afternoon made me want to sleep.

I got home and the first thing Glen did was pass me a spliff... which I took from him through habit. Another BIG mistake, I couldn't be arsed to get ready. It was sooo nice out on the patio with the housemates and a cool beer taking in some of the rays. It was nearly 7pm and I coulda stayed there all day, but I had to get ready. I also had to do the washing up... and shower.... and shave.... and eat.... oh God, I was running outta time!!! I quickly sent a text to Kirsty telling her that I'd be there at about 9ish (original plan was to be at Casa for 8!!!) .... but she didn't get the text - both her and Gareth were texting me asking where the hell was I!

Anyway, I got there, like I said, at 9ish. But I felt really in my shell, I didn't feel like talking to people - must've been that spliff I had earlier!! That was soon rectified after a couple of beers - ended up chatting loads to Kristian and snapping myself out of it. Then it was onwards to Bliss. Here's some pics....

Kirsty and Simone

Kirsty and me (ahh bless)

Kelly, Kirsty and Jodie er... experimenting!!

Gareth's probably being rude - as usual!

Just downed a Sambuca - spot the hardcore drinker

Kelly, Kirsty and Jodie looking sweet

Me showing off my camera to Gareth!

It was really packed in Bliss. Full of pretentious people... but then this place always is. The only way to get around it is to not give a toss and act like you own the place. I know it sounds silly but sometimes that's the only way I get around it! But anyway, I had a good time here. Most of the time it's the company you keep, right? And they guys from work are a good bunch and are a great laugh. Had to have a couple of Sambuca's though! Had one with Kirsty and one with Kelly and Lauren (see pic above). Had a bit of a dance (as ya do). I also knocked somebody's drink out of their hand - I really couldn't tell you who's fault it was but I bought him a replacement anyway, it's the least you can do in that kinda situation.

Then we went into Toko just up the road. It took Kirsty and I ages to get people to finish off their drinks and follow us to Toko. In the end we just left them and said "We're going to Toko, go there when you've finished your drinks". When we got there we bought ourselves a couple of drinks and circulated to see what we could see - stopped off on the dance floor on the way and made our way back to the entrance 30 mins later. The group were only just starting to turn up.

Things are pretty hazy around about now... and I didn't take any photos, which is a bummer. But I do remember having a good time. I also remember bumping into the guy from Bliss who I knocked the pint out of the hand of (Grammer??) He stopped me as I was walking past. I didn't recognise him at first cos he was all smiley and was like "Hey, man. How's it going?" I exchanged probably 2 or 3 sentances and then got bored and went to chat to some girls... as ya do.

Fuck knows what time I got home. I walked Kirsty to the taxi and then walked home from there. Went straight to bed!

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