Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Saturday = time out!

This was a day of nothing but pure hangover! I managed to make my way to my mum's to do the usual chores for her. I was chuckling to myself remembering the previous night's events still fresh in my mind whilst trying not to hurl on the bumpy busride.

After popping into Bournemouth to grab Kimmy a Birthday present I eventually got back home. Sarah and Neil were watching a gorey cheesy horror film called Toolbox Murders. There was no plot as such, it was just an excuse to see a bunch of teenagers (acted by twenty-something actors) get killed in various graphic and grusome ways with random tools from a mad-man's toolbox. I didn't really want to see it cos I was still feeling a bit queesy from the hangover so I just kept my head down and read the new Empire magazine which had a massive feature about the new Star Wars movie.

Was meant to go to Mark Wheeler's wedding reception but I really couldn't face it. Neither could Sarah and, after coming home and getting all comfortable, neither could Glen and Kate. Sarah and Niel went out the previous night too - they went up to The Triangle and did the gay scene. Some of their stories sounded priceless (such as pill-popping drag queens stopping traffic and draping over car bonnets and getting on busses to sing a few numbers), wish I could've witnessed them.

We watched another two DVD's (Blade Trinity and Connie & Carla) and then it was time for bed.

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