Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Saturday was a good day. I woke up after having a bloody good night's sleep on a bit of a high. The reason? Cos I'm going to see Engineers at The Old Fire Station with Scott and Gary. Scott came round to mine near the end of Doctor Who. He wanted to get his camera's memory clear - he doesn't have a PC so he can't empty his memory card at home - so I burnt all his pics to CDROM.

Gary turned up - I gave him a little guided tour of the house (which he didn't really need cos he decorated the house about a year and a half ago!) and felt at home when he found the music room. After a 5 minute twang on the acoustic bass we set of on our merry way to the Old Firestation.

I'd never been to the Old Firestation before to that was a bit of a buzz. We grabbed some beer while the support acts were on and went to find somewhere to sitdown and chat cos the support acts were, to put it bluntly, shite! Ok ok, that's a bit harsh, the first act were actually pretty good - a boy and a girl singing chilled songs with an acoustic guitar. Nice. The second band played a folky set. I couldn't remember the bands name but it was unpronouncable and their songs weren't rounded off at the end so the audience didn't know when to clap! So that's two bad point against them already. And the songs?... ZZZZZzzzzzzz....

Then came Engineers which absolutely kicked arse! Totally amazing. Reminded me of Spiritualized and The Verve (during the very early years when they were still called Verve without the 'The') Their music, to the uninitiated, is a hypnotic blend of reverberated guitars with psycadelic keyboards. They've been pigeonholed among other bands (such as Amusement Parks On Fire) that are producing a resurgence of shoe-gazing music, which was extremely popular in the early nineties, under the banner of 'nu-gazers' (oooh that was a bit of a no-brainer!) This was the first gig on their UK tour before their recently confirmed Glastonbury appearance. Here's some pics....

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