Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A little late - O'Neills

I've really got to try and start getting on top of this blogging. If I leave things for too long I forget stuff and can't be arsed to type what happened. So apologies in advance if everything here sounds a little vague. I'm also gonna leave the post times and dates as todays date so I know when I busted my ass to try and cover a week and a half's worth of stuff...... I'm sooo gonna miss stuff out (especially stuff like; went home, was bored, played Xbox, went to bed! which is what most of the last week consisted of due to being skint again!)

So, Thursday 19th May 2005 (you'll notice already that I missed out a weeks worth of stuff!) was a dreary rainy day. It kinda reflected the mood of most Star Wars fans that couldn't get tickets for the opening night. It was cold, windy and drizzly so when I got to O'Neills I was soaked. I was advised by Dave Purse to take some form of photo ID with me cos the bouncers were being stupidly strict - I brought my passport. Dave said that one of his mates got turned away the previous week even though we was clearly older than 18!

Anyway, I got in without a problem, found a corner to stick my jacket and found Gary and Simone straight away, went to the bar and also spotted Mooro at the end of the bar - he'd just arrived too. We had a chat and a laugh for about 10-20 mins, caught up on Gary and Simone's holiday etc. Gary gave me a CD of 6 songs to learn for our new band (name still undecided - Amateur Butchers or Stapler are a couple of names we're playing with!) And then Betika came on stage. Time to get to the front and take some pics....

They played a stonkin set again, the sound levels were set correctly this time (compared with The Villa gig!) and therefore sounded fuller. At the beginning of the gig Dave ushered everone forward to close the Bournemouth Gap, and even managed to get some audience participation with tamborines and shakers being handed out to the audience. This was the second time I'd seen Betika and its also the second time Dave snapped a string - I guess I must be a bad omen or something!! I told them I'll come in disguise next time! Ha!

After Betika I bumped into Rob Garment - an old mate from college (we were on the same courses from 1992 up until 1995) He was with his new girlfriend (Sarah) and his boss from work(Rachel - who I thought was pretty cute). In fact they'd went to the pub straight after work and ended up at O'Neills so they were still in their work clothes. I pretty much stayed with these guys for the rest of the night - catching up on old times and helplessly flirting with Rachel - and then left with Lee and Sarah.

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