Monday, May 16, 2005

London revisited ....continued

It's about bloody time I updated this thing, isn't it?!? Luckily I've not been too busy this week so... but what I do decide to write up here will have to be summarised - otherwise I'll be chained to the keyboard for a week. And then I'll have to write a blog entry detailing the time I was chained to the keyboard for a week. And then...... etc etc etc

Right, so when we got to London the first thing we did was get ourselves a Travelcard for regions 1 and 2, and set our way to Spitalfield Market. On the subway Scott was checking the camera settings on his camera and took a random snap of Fran and Pri. When we looked back at it later we noticed this guy stood behind them looking like a fuckin' crazed psycho!! Check it out... it's well creepy!

When we got to Liverpool Street Station we bee-lined our way to Spitalfield Market - we found a few bits of banksy's grafitti on route. There was some pretty funky stuff in the actual market, very studenty. Fran bought herself a wicked magazine rack. None of us bought anything else though ... except a curry!

After some food we wanted to find Brick Lane - some random stall-holder just happened to overhear that we were looking for it and gave us directions.. so off we went......

This place was great. It was totally full of proper cockney marketstall holders making a living out of selling pretty much anything. A Fruit and Veg stall was always available - we came across several at different intervals, selling a stupidly large amount of fruit for a "pand" (that's cockney for pound! - pictures of that coming soon!) Amongst the stuff for sell was also some really old and dusty laptops, video cameras the size and weight of breeze-blocks, and shoes that have probably been prized off of some dead fella's body!!

Me and Scott used most of this time taking photos of all the characters, graffiti and stuff. Fran and Pri bought some grapes (which we all lapped up!) and a couple of purses.

With just 3 hours left before our bus headed back for Bournemouth we headed over to Oxford Street via tube and looked for a suit for Scott... and see what else we could buy ourselves. Like I said in the previous post, I bought some jeans, trainers, trousers and shirt.

All the shops were starting to close at this time so we made our way back to Victoria Station on the tube to grab a Subway and catch the bus home. We weren't able to muck about and have as much fun on the bus this time cos it was so busy. We managed to get the back row seats on the top deck but then some guy come and sat right in the middle of us all and told us to move our shopping off the seats so he could sit there! Cheek!!! That basically put a wedge in between all of us so we just behaved and slept! Boo!!

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