Tuesday, September 05, 2006

V Festival 2006

On the 18th and 19th August we went to the V Festival in Weston Park, Staffordshire. Kim and Paul came down from Leeds and Gary and Simone went up to stay with them a couple of night before hand and then went to the festival with them. I went up there with Lisa, Lottie and Scott in Lisa's car. Lisa's got a Peugeot 205 and it woulda been a squeeze with just me and Lisa with all our stuff but we also had Scott and Lottie in the back with all there stuff too!!!! They had a ton of stuff in the middle of the seat between them and a ton of stuff on their laps. Sleeping bags, dufel bags, carrier bags, they had food, they had alcahol, they had little fold-away stools, jackets and jumpers incase it got cold on the way.... you name it, they were buried in it. You literally couldn't see them for stuff!

On the way up about 2.5 hours into the journey we stopped off at a Little Chef near Reading. While we were here we texted to check up on the others, y'know to find out if they were there yet, to see if they're saved us a space and to let them know where we were. On the returning text we were told that they were already there, had saved up a space and that it was a mudbath. Great!!! A mudbath! Now I went to Glastonbury during one of they're roughest years (I think it was in '97 - I never can remember, that's how wasted I got!) so I was quite prepared for it and knew what to expect. Lisa, on the other hand, had not been to a festival before. She'd gone to the Isle Of Wight festival but she didn't sleep over in a text. She just had a day ticket. So I was kinda worried more for her than anything.

After waiting for nearly an hour for really shit food at a stupidly high price we set off back on the road. We decided not to take the M6 around Birmingham, instead we took to a couple of A-Roads around the other way through Kidderminster. It was actually better going this way cos we had better senery and more interesting surroundings to drive through (such as deep red rock cliffs, castles and general countryside) - it's a lot better than being on a monotonous 3 lane road going in a straight line. Anyway we got arrived to the queue for the festival and was let in and parked pretty quickly - I'd say within 15 minutes! The weather was ok when we got there - no rain just clouds and just a little mud. We found out that they were just winding us up about it being a mudbath! Gits! From here I'm gonna let the pics do the talking....

V2006 011
Paul on the phone to me telling me it's a mud-bath!

V2006 076
The V2006 gang!
(l-r:Paul, Simone, Kim, Lottie, Scotty, Gary, Lisa, Me!)

V2006 089
Inflating the 9 foot whale

V2006 091

V2006 143
Lisa loving Kula Shaker

V2006 145
Kripsin from Kula Shaker

V2006 146
Lisa having a pee with our protection!!

V2006 163
We Are Scientists

V2006 174
Radiohead's Thom Yorke

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