Monday, September 18, 2006

Sunny Monday

Y'know, it's been forecast to be really rubbish weather today! But it ain't! It's actually really hot and sunny. Just like it was over the weekend just gone. Yet again the forecast was for storms and rain etc but instead it's been clear blue skies and blazing sunshine! Brucey bonus. Gives me a chance to top-up my alreadying fading summertime suntan.

Granted, I'm stuck in the office right now but on Sunday I was at a car-boot sale in Swindon taking in all the suns harmful rays while nursing a hangover by eating a lovely greasy bacon and egg roll! Nothin' was bought at the car-boot sale, although I almost bought a polaroid camera. I just stopped myself from getting it cos I remembered I've got one kicking around somewhere at my mums. I love the look of polaroid photos. They give a different feel to fond memories somehow. The problem with Polaroid photos is that the film is stooooopidly expensive.

Y'see? I'm even thinking about my Polaroid again because of my lack of digital camera!! AAAAARGH this is driving me NUTS!!!!

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