Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lee Ditcher's Solo Gig

Me, Lisa and Scott went to The Portman pub last night to give some support to Lee Ditcher (of Lounge). It was his first solo gig in 2 years and he was playing all new material - none of the lounge stuff. We completely forgot all about it until I suddenly remembered and told the guys. We'd all had are heart set on staying in and chilling out but we did promise Lee that we'd be there for him, and I really wanted to check it out.

We left the flat at about 9ish. When we got there Connie told us that quite a few people had pulled out. But that was a bonus for the other acts cos it means they get more stage time. The Green Room was completely packed so we sat out in the bar for a bit until Lee came on. Connie told everyone on the mic that "...members of Blind Voyeurs are in the bar drinking sherrys!" Arf!

Lee played quite late (2nd from headlining I think) and did really well. I couldn't tell whether he was nervous or buzzing with adrenaline (or both) but hew pulled out a great performance... despite Scott and I heckling to "Do your chores!" and "Play it from the heart!" He saw the funny side of it. He played 5 songs, each of which were good songs ranging from pretty up-tempo to slow numbers. One of the slow ones had a 3/3 time signature that threw Scott for a while but once I counted it out he got it.

After saying our goodbye's to Lee and commending his work we set off for home. It wasn't until we got outside that we realised how tipsy we were!! Finally got home and chilled out with some sounds from Scott's iPod before hitting the sack at about 11:30ish.

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