Thursday, September 21, 2006

Richard Hammond in Hospital!

Little Richard!

Oh my god! Last night during the 10 o'clock news a report came over that Richard 'the hamster' Hammond, one of the presenters of Top Gear, was in hospital after a serious crash while recording the show. He was driving a jet powered car at around 300MPH when then thing veered off to one side and rolled leaving him uncouncious with serious head injuries. All three of us (me, Lisa, Scott) were totally shocked!!

First thing I did this morning is check out the BBC News website to see what the latest is - this morning his condition was 'improving' and now (at the time of writing this) his condition is 'stable' Read more about it HERE...

Get well soon, Hammy.

Speaking of cars (and stuff), Lamborghini have unveiled the new Gallardo Nera! Just look at this beauty!

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