Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Goddamm it I wish my camera worked properly. Need to buy a new one!

Went to Wales with Lisa a while back for a bit of a holiday. We stayed at lisa's parents for first two nights, went camping for another 2 nights and stayed at lisa's parents for next two nights!

Came home!

That's it!

Like I said, I wish my camera worked cos I can't even begin to explain what we did. I could of told you about when we ate fish & chips in the official worlds best fish & chips restaurant! (My God it was amazing!) Or about the time our tent almost got blown off of a cliff face in the middle of the night with us in it during a massive storm! Then there's the day I went for a walk along some amazingly picturesque rapids and waterfalls. Or I could tell you all about when we visited the worlds smallest city (it's basically a village that just happens to have a cathedral - therefore it's officially a city)! I could've shown you my fear when I was taken for a walk along a clifftop trek that was 200 feet above violent waves and rocks with the path literally 6 inches away from a sheer drop in gale force winds!!! Or I could've shown you the milky way that I saw for the first time because there was no light polution from nearby streetlights - beautiful!

But alas, I have no photographic evidence. Well, ok I've got some pictures on my phone but for some unknown reason the Motorola Photo Tools software that comes with the phone has decided to stop working and therefore cannot retrieve all the pictures! Gah!

Instead I'll show you a picture of my make of phone and you can imagine it's my phone and that you can see all the lovely pictures I took in low quality, badly compressed VGA jpegs. *sigh!*

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