Tuesday, September 19, 2006


My wicked new phone...
The Sony Ericcson K800i

Yay!! I've got a new mobile phone!! Just as I was leaving work yesterday and struggling with my keys, sunglasses, sunglasses case, coat and trying to close the window at the same time - I got a call from Carphone Warehouse informing me that I am now able to upgrade my new phone. I thought it was odd, and was starting to wonder whether it was a prank call, because I went into Carphone Warehouse a couple of weeks ago and they said I couldn't get an upgrade until October 11th. The bloke must've just read the date wrong cos it actually said September 11th!!!

I pretty much quick marched it to Carphone Warehouse in Boscombe and asked if I could upgrade. She asked me if there was a phone I had in mind and without hesitation I said "Oh yesssss, the Sony Ericcson K800i thankyouverymuch!!!" She tapped away at the PC and checked whether I could upgrade to that and she said I could as long as I altered my contract to a 18 month contract (instead of 12) and that I have 200 free minutes talk time and 100 free texts for £25 per month (instead of £20 per month - which was what I was paying for my Motorola Razr v3) It actually was going to be saving me money as I was paying far too much in calls and texts! Try £40+ per month!!!

After skipping home with my lovely new phone and charging it for 2.5 hours (just like it said in the Quickstart Manual) I slung in my SIM card and started to play! I must admit I'm a bit of a Somy Ericcson fanboy. I used to have the T610 and the K700 and loved every minute of owning one. But last year I thought I'd try something new and went for Motorola. I was a fool! I shoulda known!! My first mobile phone I ever had was a Motorola Memphis (Just checked Google and it's actually called the MR201) and, although I was excited about having it cos it was my first phone, WAS A PILE OF SHIT!!!!!

The Motorola MR201
Not an actual picture of my phone...
I ripped this pic from eBay!!

And ever motorola I'd seen afterward (whether it belonged to friends or saw it in a shop) was also shit and never innovated. So what made me decide to go for the Razr V3? The fact that it looked cool! To be fair it's not a bad phone, y'know. I did enjoy having it. But after owning a K700 it felt like a step backwards.

Now I'm back with Sony Ericcson and, to be honest, I'm totally blown away with how cool it is. It's got enough built in memory to hold a couple albums worth of music. It's got a build in radio. It has a 3.1 Mega pixel camera in it - with flash, macro, zoom, and lots of other cool stuff. Only yesterday I posted a blog about how I miss having a decent camera. Now I'm back in action. The photos won't be the same quality of a proper digital camera but it's not far off. I can also do direct posts to this Blog from that phone!! Aceness!!! So expect to see little posts above this one from my phone in the next ten minutes. WORD!

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