Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Feel like shit today!!!

Last night I didn't get to sleep til about 4:30 - 5am this morning!! I had the worlds worst indigestion and heartburn known to man! It must've been something to do with what I ate at 11:30! Basically for dinner at about 7:00 I cooked us a massive baton-roll filled with sausages and relish with a side order of chips. The roll was so big I only ate half of it and finished off the chips and thought I'd leave the rest til later. I'm not sure what time I ate the second half of the roll but I think it was around 11:30. We were watching 9/11 Farenheit on More4 and I really didn't know what time it was. Also some of the imagery was pretty fuckin gross and freaked me out a bit!! That was playing on my mind while I was trying to sleep.

This morning when my alarm was going off I hit Snooze 4 times and then switched it off but didn't get up til 8:58!! I was gonna ring in sick but though "Fuck it, man. I'm only tired!" and stumbled into work at 9:20. And like the subject says - I feel like absolute shit today!

Still, We've got a band practice later so hopefully that will cheer me up - I just hope I'm not snappy!!

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