Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yamaha SU10

On Tuesday night I was just surfing eBay, y'know, as you do, and was just looking to see how much cheap Casio keyboards are when I stumbled upon this tiny little kids electronic keyboard that I saw the previous day in the Poundland! The thing obviously normally sells for £1 in Poundland but some tight bastard was selling one on eBay and bids had alreeady pushed it up to £2.30 with a Postage & Packaging price of £3.99!! Bleedin crafty beggar!! Anyway, then I started thinking about getting an SK-5 cos of the cool old skool 8-bit sampling capabilities and then Scott started talking about thursdays practice. Blind Voyeurs are planning to have an all-day practice and try and get some stuff recorded and stuff. Then Scott remembered that he has a sampler in his room gathering dust. It was one that Dan Gale gave to him before he moved to Brazil! They used it a couple of times in The Hat. Anyway, we had a little muck about with it and had a quick once through of the instruction manual and before we knew it we were sampling things left, right and indeed centre!

Great!! This will come in handy. Blind Voyeurs now have a new toy!

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