Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Saturday Curry

I love curry! Curry is goooooood!! So when Scott texted me asking if Me and Lisa wanted a curry we jumped at the chance. The origianl idea was planted by James and Emma and they asked Scott if all three of us would like to go. The idea was a winner from the start and before long we were all sat around a table at the Original Balti House, drinking beer, eating popodums and mango chutney and onions (yummy - I could eat that all night!) and trying to keep our manners in check and our anecdotes on the right side of decency. That manners and decency bit lasted about five minutes and before long both me and Scott were making the rest of us laugh with rudeness while simultaneously getting disgusted looks from the rest of the restaurant. Ahh it's Boscombe, for christsakes - what can they expect!! Anyway, the curry kicked ass - I had a chicken bhuna with pilau rice washed down with a couple of Kronenbourgs.

After the meal and getting ourselves fat to the point of exploding we all headed back my mine (and Scotts) for a couple more drinks and chats and stuff. During this time I noticed some blue flashing lights outside - my nosier side decided to go take a look-see. The lights were from an ambulance arriving to the scene of a car crash right outside our window outside The Bell pub in Pokesdown. Emma said she thoguht she heard something 'about 5 minutes ago'. They sat in the window and watched for the next couple of hours. And I thoguht I was nosey! It looked like two boy-racers were trying to race eachother pulling away at the traffic lights and then BAM!! One fucked axel, airbags expelled and girlfriend with whiplash!

Meanwhile, while the girls were tending to their voyeuristic side, the boys decided to get out some musical instruments and started playing some music. We were gonna have another go at making another album like the Knights of the 31st album... but just do a 3 track EP. We started to jam out an idea and then James suggested he wanted to make a fully over produced cheesy pop-song. It was a good idea but it sorta took the spontaneity out of it. Nothing worth keeping was recorded!

Back up in the window the girls watched the ambulances and the police drive off. Shortly after the father of one of the guys in the accident arrived and arranged a tow-truck to take one of the cars away. The other was left there unlocked! And then some people from The Bell started nicking stuff out of the car - like a road map and the stereo etc. Lisa, being a law abiding citizen and all that, called the police and reported it. Just as she was doing that they put the stuff back in the cars and went back in the pub. The police still investigated it and Lisa and Emma had to go talk to the police.

I was a bit worried that me and Scott would end up with a brick through our window but I think that was just a bit of paranoia kicking in. Everything was cool..... and yet total random madness!!

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