Sunday, June 19, 2005

Perico's New EP

Perico are in the process of making a new EP. On Saturday they had they're producer, big Al, over to record the drum tracks in the lounge. We had all the tables cleared and the sofa's pushed to the sides and Al set up all his equipment to record the drums. The drums were miked up with 13 mikes and Rich recorded 80 tracks of drums in 8 hours of drumming - WITH A BAD KNEE!!! Hats off to the bloke.

We all had a time out at around the evening time and as it was such a nice evening we decided to have a BBQ with everybody from all the other flats invited down to cook their meat on our BBQ Beer was drunk, meat was eaten, songs were sung and conversations flowed in the sunset. It was a good day. Al was so impressed with both the sound from the lounges acoustics and the hospitality that he asked if it would be possible to rent our lounge for future drum track recordings.

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