Monday, June 06, 2005

Man Cold

I'm totally bunged up with the ol' common cold at the moment. I think it was cos I went out loads over the end of May bank holiday and staggered home at 3am in nothing but jeans and T-shirt! It's really messing me up at the moment and I can't think straight. I keep half doing stuff and then getting side-tracked. I also can't be arsed to do stuff cos I'm feeling sooo lethargic. And I'm slightly deaf from blowing my nose loads. But I'm trying to battle it - there's no way I'm gonna let this one get the better of me. Every morning over the last 5 days I've been taking my multi-vitamin pills with extra Vit C + Zinc pills and having either Lemsip, Beechams, Soluble Asperin or something along the same lines - whatever's available really. Was on the phone to Kimmy for about an hour over the weekend - she always makes me feel better.

.... I think I'd better go unload my nostrils, I'm finding it hard to breathe!

*sniff sniff*

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