Saturday, June 18, 2005

Happy 30th Birthday Scott

Friday was the day of Scott's 30th Birthday. I woke up at Scott & Fran's on the sofa and had to get myself ready for work - which duly sucked because of a minging hangover. But that was ok cos I had hair-of-the-dog in The Bell when I met up with Kim and Paul. The lads had several games of pool while Kim and I caught up on what we've been up to. I won the pool (cos I rock) and then Kim and I reunited the undefeatable pool team of Schafer & Bloodworth to play against Paul.... and we lost! Boo!

After the working day was done I wasted no time in getting home to get ready for Scotty's birthday party. I had to head home on the bus, shower, shave, sort my hair out, get changed, leave the house, walk to the bus stop, get on the bus and arrive at Scott & Fran's befoer 7:30!! It was a mad dash but I think it was the first time in ages where I was actually early... I thought I was the only one there until I got to the lounge and saw Paul & Kimmy sitting on the sofa. There was much giving of gifts and cards to the Birthday Boy who was acting as DJ sat on the beanbag next to the hi-fi.

Then Gary turned up bearing gifts and card - he too thought he was the first to arrive (we must've been keeping quiet in the lounge!) and then Mooro arrived. We all had a take-away curry (during which Fran's family and Simone turned up) and then went into town to O'Neills - not before Scot stitched me up with some Brut around the chops!! Great! I already stink of curry and now I stink of Brut - didn't fancy my chances of pulling!

It was a lovely night and we all went into the beer garden. Met up with another bunch of people - including Dan Gale who had shaved his head off and now the resemblance between Dan and Evil Dan (from the SK5's short movie) bear an even closer, and spooky, resemblance!! One sensitive moment was when Lee Ditcher turned up with Glen to wish Scott a happy birthday. But everything was cool. Then one of us started singing Happy Birthday to Scott and, as per usual in a pub's beer garden, everybody else in the pub joined in too. Huzzah!

Before long the bouncers started ushering everyone back inside cos they're outside licence must run out at 11pm or something. So we all piled inside and, somehow, got split into two groups: one group found the usual table just around the corner from the bar near the door, and the other group stayed right in front of the dancefloor.

There was a cover band on and yep they played all the usual coverband classics (or should that be "no-no's") such as Mustang Sally, that Doobie Brothers tune, Summer of '69 and Black Velvet. All of which should never EVER be played...EVER!!!!!! *ptooey*

Things start to get a bit cloudy round about now as we all got extrememly drunk. Things to mention would be the resurgence of 'Guess The Breast'! A tequila slammer sesh with a really hot Brazilian girl that Dan introduced me to (where does he get 'em?........... actually, he probably gets them from Brazil!), Paul crying at some stage about Dan, Paul getting on like a house on fire with Dan, dancing link a mental person to Franz Ferdinand, being jumped on by a girl I've not seen for years, spotting somebody who I also hadn't seen for years and they, in turn, took me to see somebody else I hadn't seen in years (geez, O'Neills has turned into the Hot House Retirement Home!!).... basically it was a bally good night.

I didn't have my camera with me on that night so I don't have any photos. Kim took loads but she lost her camera and, more than likely, subsequently had it stolen! But Fran took loads - I might have to get scans of those pics and I'll post the good ones up here as and when I get them.

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