Monday, June 13, 2005

The Big Move

So, I've finally moved!! That's why I've not updated this for a while. The move went pretty well, everything was shifted in 2 runs, the day was hot and sunny and everything was done before mid afternoon. The only problem is I don't have enough places to store stuff. I need to buy me a wardrobe and another chest of drawers. The guys say I could probably salvage something from one of the garages but to be honest I don't want something that's been thrown into a garage to rot for a reason!! I'll grab something from Argos or sommat!

On the evening of the big move I got a text from Mooro to come out for a couple of swift ones at the Durley with himself and Lottie. I said I'd gladly oblige as soon as I've made my room a bit tidier as everything was basically just plonked into the room. I managed to get my bed re-constructed and made so I could sleep in it that night and put away as much stuff as I could then went out to meet the guys at the Durley. Lottie and Mooro were enjoying a slap-up meal when I arrived. I wasn't mnuch company at first cos I was sooooo drained from having the cold and moving all my stuff but I eventually sorted it out after a couple of beers. After bumping into Richard Chasemore and his mate (John I think it was.... or maybe Rob!?!?) we moved onwards to the Goat and Tricycle to meet up with Griff and co. Lots more drinks and merriment ensued with lots of light-hearted banter. I must've sorted my head out by this time cos, according to Mooro, I was on fire on the comedy front. I can't remember any of it .... except the chicken curry story! (you know what I'm talking about, Mooro!!)

I also bumped into somebody I've not seen for years! Sam Adair!!! Used to be one of my best mates back when I was at college and for several years after too! ..... that was 11 years ago!!! (fuck me!) I parted with Mooro and co to join Sam's little circle of friends for a while to catch up on life. It was really bizarre, it was almost as if we'd never parted!

A random sight in the Goat was a really hammered bloke entertaining the oap crown with slurred sing-a-long songs ... including Show Me The Way To Amarillo, which also included a conga.....which reminds me of an old joke:

Q. What's a hundred foot long and smells of piss?
A. Pensioners doing the conga!

Another random sight was a league of 6 Catholic Vicars settling down to get pissed!! Absolutely surreal!... and yes they WERE actual vicars not people on a stag-do or whatever!

After the Goat we went to the Casino. Kim rang me up en route as she was down jet-setting from Leeds to see a BBLOC theatrical production and wanted to meet up. She wasn't up for the idea of coming to the Casino though, besides we'll be seeing her the following weekend anyway! The Casino was great, I must've had beginners luck cos I won £46 on the roulette wheel!! Woohoo!!

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