Monday, June 27, 2005


I had a bit of a nightmare when I set off to sleep last night. As you know it was a blinder of a hot day yesterday (Sunday 26th June) and so I had both the window and the patio door open all day and most of the night... this gave lots of mosquitoes and moths, and all other sorts of flying nasties, an opportunity to buzz into my room. So when I was all wrapped up snug in my duvet and saw the mosquitoes, Big Al's words of warning about the Asian Tiger Mosquito started echoing in my head and paranoia kicked in.

Last weekend during the recording process Big Al said that Asian Tiger Mosquitoes have managed to find their way over to good ol' Blighty either by migration or by getting trapped in trucks carrying bananas or whatever. And what happens is if they bite a bird with bird flu and then bite a human you can be dead within 3 days!!! He said they are big with black and yellow stripes and when you spot one you've got to ring the police immediately to report where and when you saw it. Fuck Me!!

Anyway, I managed to kill one of them but I think I only stunned the other. Sure enough they were big fuckers with black and yellow striping. To put my mind at rest I looked up the tiger mossie on t'internet to see if those little blighters were the ones to look out for.... it turns out they're not. Here's what Tiger Mosquitoes REALLY look like!!.....

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