Friday, July 14, 2006

New Beginnings

OK, right, so I've decided that I'm gonna breathe new life into this dusty old blog of mine. I was chatting to Lisa last night about it and it's a shame that I've let it fall by the wayside. The thing is (and I know this is no real excuse but...) I've been SOOOOOOOOOO busy since my last entry which was way back in .... *has a quick look* March! .... MARCH??? Christ I have let it slip haven't I!!?!?!?? So what's been happening since then? Well let's have a very brief rundown in no particular order....

The first thing you'll notice is the new look of my blog. I'm calling it Skip To The End v2.0. Hope you like!

I went to Wales and met Lisa's folks. A bit nerve wracking at first but they proved to be lovely and just as bonkers as Lisa So that was all good. Went for a few walks in 'The Valleys' and did a bit of general sight-seeing in Camarthen (spelling?)

Got all worked up and then sourly dissappointed at England's feeble attempt at professional football in the 2006 World Cup. They played like twats, the matches were boring and only got as far as they did through sheer luck! Contriversial point of view I know but when you watch some of the other countries play you suddenly remember what real football is about (with the exception of the overplayed fouls!.... "Oooh I fell over! Oww the pain!!! Pleeeeease ref, can I have a free kick?!" Glad that Italy won.

Took Lisa to meet my mum and my dad (for those that don't know they've been divorced for, like, 23 years and live seperate lives) Both of which love Lisa to bits and think she's a keeper! Ace!

I'm still working at Glenigan. Wooopy! We've got some new started in IT. One's a dork, the other's cool (interesting music tastes - extreme dark grind-core metal! Used to be in a band!)

Blind Voyeurs as still going strong and now have a massive arsenal of unfinished songs. I want to have a meeting and discuss which songs we're gonna work on to get completed and finally gig (or even tour?!?! Southampton, Brighton... who knows!) Recent discussions with Gary suggest that he's joining the collective. Cool. I've also been busy making a music video for Ukul...

Went to Monkey World with Lisa. That was cool. Monkeys rock!

...oh yeah... shaved my head!! Couldn't afford to usual £30-£50 that the salon usually charges to trim and style my hair so though 'fuck it!' and got the clippers out!

Went to the ghost village of Tyneham with Scott and Lisa. Took lots of photos and then went to Lulworth. Will have a video up of that shortly.

I've had money problems but am on the road to recovery!

Heard that Sarah's gonna get her book published!! Which means I know and author. Wicked!

Gary and Simone got married!!! And about time too!

Which reminds me, Kim and Paul came down to Bournemouth for Simone's Hen night. Me and Lisa hit the town with them the night before and got ourselves rip-roaringly drunk. There were a few contriversial moments but that's water under the bridge now.

Went to Groves on the Green in Parkstone. That was the day after Lisa got back from a short holiday to Italy with her mate, Jen. The weather was shitty when she was away so it was good that it turned out nice when she got back for that.

Went to see Lounge play at The Joiners in Southampton. My photography skills were put to good use for some top band photo's. Which reminds me, I must find time tonight to tidy them up on photoshop and put them on their MySpace page.

Had a joint birthday party for Lisa and Scott. Lisa = 28, Scott = 30. Got completely rat-arsed and decided at 4am that it would be a good idea to get some band equipment out and write and record a 10 track album!! Was up til 6.30am! I've even made a MySpace page for the music we produced. Warning... it lacks in professionalism but is a bit of fun nonetheless!

Went to London with Scott to have a walkabout and take lots of pics. There's a photoset HERE on my Flickr acount... here's a couple of pics....

Lisa's friend, Dani, got married too, so we all had to bundle into a massive posh hotel and have another lovely day. Felt like I was stuck in a rom-com! haha!

There's been loads of other little bits and pieces here and there I can't remember but you get the jist of it. Basically, I'm gonna get back into blogging mainly because I can't remember what I've been up to!!!! So keep checking back for updates.

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