Friday, March 24, 2006

Yep, another post about a new website I've stumbled upon. This time it's a site called This is another one of those interesting Web 2.0 sites where people can post video clips about whatever they want (except porn, of course) and share them with friends and families etc. It works in a a similar way to ... just with video clips. I think I've been to this site before in it's infancy and didn't think much of it - but that's cos I didn't look deep enough. This time I found it via a Tex La Homa video that Matt put on his MySpace profile, and it was the fact you could post video clips onto MySpace that interested me!! Y'see we want to do something similar with Blind Voyeurs once we get it sorted. So I registered (yep, it's free!!) and explored a little more and found a couple of clips that I really liked (rare Nirvana footage, funny clips and stories)and added them to my faves. As a final test to it's versatitly I wanted to see if I could upload .AVI files as this is the format that my digital camera uses. I was pleased to see that this was a supported filetype. Here's my tester....

It's just something I recorded at a Christmas party held in a gym. (It's me and Gary Hudspith breaking away from everyone else to explore the gym)

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