Monday, July 17, 2006

Chilled Weekend

The weekends just gone was a pretty chilled out one. I think this was the only weekend where we weren't all booked up to do something. I mean yeah sure I still had to go to my mum's on Saturday mornings but other that that I had a free reign. I went to Castle point with Lisa and did a bit of shopping. I originally wanted to buy a game (either XBox, PS2 or PSP) but couldn't decide. After about half an hour and lots of time helping Lisa choose what she wanted I went into Topman for a quick look and saw lots of cool stuff in the sale. I've not been in Topman for about 3 months and stuff that I really wanted to get then but couldn't afford was now on the Sale rail!! Wicked!! So I bought a t-shirt, a shirt, a cap and some MALE jewelery that was reduced to a quid! Spent the rest of Saturday eating, drink booze, vegging out in front of the tele and watching Fargo. Lisa was too tired to stay awake during Fargo so went to bed. Fair play to her though cos it is a pretty slow moving film but it's one of my faves.

Sunday was another chilled day. Well, when I say chilled I mean relaxing cos the temperature was far removed from chilled - it were bloody hot!!! We woke up at about 9ish and had brekky. The got ready to go out into the sun. Me, Lisa and Scott went to King's Park to sunbathe, listen to music and chuck a frisby around. It was a genius idea cos everybody in the south of England went to Bournemouth Beach... King's Park was dead so we had it all to ourselves!! My suspicions of the holiday makers going to the beach were confirmed when from 6pm til 9pm the traffic was solid throughout Boscombe, Pokesdown, Castle Lane and the Wessex Way!!! We left King's Park at about 2pm cos Scott had band practice with Lounge. Which was fine cos it was getting too hot to hang around... and I was getting bitten by every kind of midgy known to man!

Got back to the flat and switched on the tele. The Grand Prix was on so we watched that for a bit and then (as per usual for me) fell asleep on the sofa. Woke up at 4:30 to see that Lisa had passed out too. When she woke up we went to The Bell for a pint in the beer garden then went to the Malt & Hops for another pint and some grub. We invited Sarah (White) down but she was knackered after a hedonistic night with a girl she's fancied for, like, EVER!! Wicked... she FINALLY managed to get her in bed! Result! Then we head off home at about 8ish and watched Big Bro and went to bed!

Like I said, a pretty chilled out weekend.

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