Friday, July 28, 2006

Freak Lightning Storm on Wednesday

On Wednesday night me and Lisa were chilling out with a meal and watched Sideways. I hadn't seen it before but I've heard lots of critical acclaim for it and was intrigued by it upon it's first theatrical release. I saw it in ASDA for £3.50 so thought I'd snap it up. All I gotta say is it's a great film and it HAS to be watched. A work of genius!

Anyway, it finished at 9 o'clock just in time for Big Brother ... but it turned out it wasn't starting til 10:00!! So I suggested we go for a walk cos it was still warm out and it looked like there was gonna be a nice sunset. As we were walking through Fisherman's Walk towards the clifftop we thought we saw a few flashes of lightning. We thought it couldn't be lightning and just put it down to holiday makers and foreign students taking pics. By the time we got to the clifftop we suddenly realised that it was, in fact, a lightning storm miles out at sea. The weird thing was the fact that there was no sound. There was no thunder or rumbling sounds, just the freakish light show. It was totally mesmerising and eerily still. We watched it come in from the sea (somewhere over France) and went north west towards Southampton, then it started flashing behind us. Before we knew it we were surrounded by the lightning and it started to rain. The time was coming up to 9:50 so we ran back to the flat (collecting Lisa's car on the way - she'd parked it miles away from her flat cos of holiday makers nicking her parking space!).

The next day there were news reports of buildings that were stuck by the lightning - one of which was just down the road from us in Boscombe!!! Click HERE for BBC News report and HERE for the map of where it was. It was literally just round the corner from my house!!!

Picture from BBC Website

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