Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Years Eve

I know it's 10 days late. I shoulda done this while it was still fresh in my mind really but I've been waiting on getting a CD of pics - which I still don't have. I've got some pics from 2 digital cameras that night. Anyway, the night was really cool.

It started off really small with just me, Scott, Lisa, Gary and Simone there. It stayed like this for about 2 or 3 hours - we though nobody else was going to turn up. I mean, we arranged a small gathering cos there was nowhere in town that we wanted to go. Then, just when we thought the night had turned to dust some people turned up... and then some more... and then some MORE!! We had about 15 people at the party in the end - which is a respectable number. I'd been to larger parties but we didn't want too many people there so 15 was a good number.

A few glasses were smashed, Lisa bumped her head, people were sneaking off to take drugs, lot's of alcahol was consumed and the party was still on til 4am so that can't be bad. Can't remember many details cos I got that drunk and stoned!! I remember a lot of us doing the moonwalk and robotic dancing (like a robot from 1984!!) at one point. The rest was a blur! ..... ooh yeah, and we had a video conference call with Lottie and the party at Dave Purse's. In a way, that got me thinking. 10 years ago it would cos thousands to have a live video link-up via satellite to somewhere else. But with 3G phones it's soo easy and cheap. Yeah, the picture quality ain't amazing but it's still first gen technology. It will improve and it will be the way forward!!

Here's some pics....

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