Tuesday, January 17, 2006

30th Birthday Party

So, Saturday 14th was mine and Simone's Joint 30th Birthday Party. We did it this way cos both of our 30th birthday's were in January and we realised if we both had seperate parties people would be too skint to come, especially after Xmas and New Years!!

We booked out Bar 2 at The Central in Parkstone and had Rizlo on the decks (with a bit of help from Mooro) and invited as many people as we could manage. At one point it looked like we'd invited too many people but in the end we had just enough people there.

My night started at the flat with me and Lisa getting ready well early at about 4pm and then had a couple of shots of vodka to get the ball rolling. (It was a bit harsh so I had to follow it up with a Carlsberg) Scott came home and went straight in the shower, meanwhile Jen arrived and helped Lisa straighten her hair and do other girly stuff.

I was told that it was Lisa's mission to get me to The Central for 8pm so we left the flat at 7:30 to get a train. It turns out that all trains terminated at Bournemouth station that night cos of engineering works between Bournemouth and Poole so we got off at Bournemouth and got a taxi from there. Luckily we'd jumped the train so we han't wasted our money on a ticket!

The Taxi was stupidly efficient and got us there in like 5 mins. Rizlo and Mooro were still setting up so we grabbed a pint and chilled out for a bit. eventually people started turning up and so we went into bar 2 and started partying.

I didn't spend a single penny all night (and quite rightly so seeing as it was my birthday!) and for most of the evening I had 3 pints on the go at the same time dotted in three different places around the pub. One at the bar, one by the pool table and one in my hand. It was great cos no matter where I was stood there'd be one of my pints within close proximity!! I vaguely remember being bought shots of JD and Tequila at one stage! .... that would explain the hangover then!

Over the course of the night I was given lots of birthday cards and presents (including a makeshift birthday card forged from a used Christmas card from Dave Purse! hehe!) and so many people who I hadn't seen in a looooooong time turned up, such as Jackie, Maz and Xina, as well as Sarah, Kate and Lee. The rest was a blur and was over all too soon. Lisa reminded me the morning after that I was shaking my booty to Beyonce at one point ... of course I don't believe her! Sunday was a hangover day and I spent most of the day feeling like I was gonna die and trying not to be sick.

Here's a few pictures from the night. Click anyone of them to see the full photoset on Flickr.

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