Monday, October 02, 2006

FIRE!! ... well, next door anyway!

Last Wednesday there was a fire in one of the flats in the house next door to Lisa's! We heard the alarm going off but it sounded like a car alarm. We only knew it was a fire when we walked out of the garden to go to the shop and saw the people living next door stood outside on the phone and trying to turn the alarm off. When we got to the corner of our road we saw 2 fire engines rushing to the scene!! We were like wtf?!? Anyway, we casually carried on to get some wine and when we came back they were still there.

Apparently it was a frying pan fire. The guy who lived in the flat fell asleep (He was obviously stoned - being an ex-kaner I know what people look like kaned!) and all he was concerned about was how did they get in cos he was sure he locked his door. He was trying to find out who kicked his door open and seemed more pissed off about that than the fact that his life was saved!! Geez, some people!!!

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