Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yesterday sucked!

Man, I had the shittest day yesterday. Everything went wrong! Ok fair enough it wasn't anything major like getting run over (although I almost did!) or getting blown up or anything like that. It was just all the little annoying things. I can handle one or two annoying thinges but it was pretty much everything.

I didn't sleep well the night before - it took me ages to fall asleep and I kept waking up.

Work bugged me - everytime I tried to attempt a solution to a problem I'd get a phone call or email about another problem. I was working my arse off and getting nothing done. I even put my phone on Do Not Disturb at one point and then people started ringing the phone on the desk next to me - when I picked it up the person on the other end would say "Do you know you're phone was on Do Not Disturb?" NO SHIT!!!

I was farting like fuck! Well, I would've been but I have a social morality issue about farting in the office so I hold it in. This causes me to have tummy ache! I had to either wait until I went to the loo or until I got home. It's cos I've been eating healthily - Oats for breakfast, Wholemeal bread etc. When I got home and finally deflated it was embarressing. I mean, sure everyone loves a home brew but when you find even YOURSELF offended you know you're in trouble.

There was also a weird atmosphere between me and Lisa (no, it wasn't the farting!) I dunno what it was but I just felt like I couldn't relax or crack jokes like usual. There wasn't any arguments but I just felt distant. She was cool though - we just needed the evening to ourselves. Everything's fine now though.

There was even niggly little things. Like everytime I had a cup of tea and dunked some biscuits at least one biscuit per cuppa would break off and land in my tea! How annoying?!?

I'm putting it down to SAD (or Seasonal Affective Disorder) I think we all get it to a certain extent but yesterday it kicked my ass.

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