Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dad's Birthday

Happy 60th to my dad! His birthday was on the 19th October. I know it's a bit late to post this but I've been extremely busy with the Blind Voyeurs filming and editing. Me and Lisa went up to Wimborne to see him over the weekend to wish him a happy birthday and to give him some presents. We got him a DVD about some classic cricket match with Ian Botham (I'm not to hot on my cricket - I think it was a 1981 match! Not sure) and a CD of The Best Of Bread. My dad is an all out Shadows fan. He owns everything they have on vinyl, cassette, CD AND DVD! Even some CDs of Shadows tribute acts! That's pretty much all he listens to. But I do remember when I was very young he used to have some Bread records so instead of looking for some Shads artifact that he wouldn't already own I got him this Bread CD. Thanksfully he was really chuffed with it. Phew!

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