Friday, September 30, 2005


Everything in the flat is in place. I'm absolutely in love with the flat. We've got a year tenancy on it so I hope this year goes niiiiiice and slowwwwwly! We've already had a couple of friends drive past and honk their horns - one of them went round the corner, turned around and parked at the bus stop opposite and shouted at the window just so they can wave!! Nutters!

Most of this week has been pretty uneventful cos we've been mostly sorting out everything in the flat. It really does feel homely (but modern) now. I've been introducing Scott to Spaced (something that I HAVE to do to all my mates cos I absolutely love Spaced) and I think he's starting to love it too. I caught him when I came home at lunchtime watching the first couple of episodes again. Next you'll be quoting it like an obsessed Trekky, Scott!

We've also been playing Silent Hill 3. Yes, I know it's quite an old game but we were discussing Resident Evil whilst watching Episode 3 of the first series of Spaced. I don't own a copy of Resident Evil any more (another series of games I want to re-buy) so that's why we stuck on Silent Hill 3. It's not as scary though - just a bit fucked up and sick. But there's some good moments.... it's just not as good as zombies!

On wednesday I was planning on having a chilled night in as Scott was off to band practice with Lounge. I watched a couple of episodes of Brass Eye, played a bit of Chronicles Of Riddick on the Xbox and then got a text from Helen saying come to The Bell for a few pints. (I live opposite The Bell in case you didn't know!) I wasn't too sure at first but then thought 'fuck it', it's only accross the road and I'm running out of beer! Had a pretty cool time, just played some pool and mucked about on the Top Of The Pops quiz machine. The Chelsea match was on the tele in there too (which I didn't even know about) so that was a bonus - even though the score was 0-0!!

Last night I bought some Jack Daniels cos we've been drinking a shit load of Scott's nice Spanish expensive liqour and we wanna save it. I didn't buy any coke so I was drinking it neat!! Hardcore!!! hehe! I found out last night that The Hat are NOT dead but mearly re-inventing itself. No longer will the band be fronted by 'The Seargent'. Scott said "...he will be standing down from centre stage and will be more in the background with keyboards etc." With that Scott played me 2 demo MP3's from his iPod and then went to band practice with The Hat. After a couple of drinks I re-played the tracks and visualised some ideas for the design of the EP's front cover and started re-thinking the website design as I'd already started designing a Jello Of The Sea website. (for those that don't know, that was what they were gonna call The Hat after they re-invented themselves. It's now the name of one of their songs!) Then I got all nostalgic for my old music that I used to write so I dug some out and played that. After a couple of hours of that Scott came back and I played some to him, he thought some of it was wicked and others were dire (which I totally agree with, but I was explaining I was just experimenting with ideas and sounds to see if I can find some stuff I can use.... which I did!) Ended up getting quite lashed and we stuck on Silent Hill 3 for an hour then went to bed.

listening to: LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk Are Playing At My House

Friday, September 23, 2005

Move in

Hurrah!! We got the keys for the new flat this morning .... well, maybe that should be 'key' as there's only one of them! So looks liek we'll be moving in tonight!! And about blooming time too!!!!

I had a quick look around at lunch time to see what needs to be done! Not an awful lot. Just the usual stuff when you move in... wash kitchen cupboards, check light bulbs etc. We've got laminate flooring so we need to get a dustpan and brush cos the floor needs a good sweep!

On the way out I looked in the downstairs toilet - looks like the last tennants had a pee and then left it there cos it fookin stank really REAAAAALLYYY bad - I flushed it straight away, closed the door and headed back to work.

Although I hate moving (it's stressy work innit!) I can't wait to get myself in there and sorted!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


...who'd have 'em? I wouldn't thats for sure. And I used to be a landlord!!

As some of you may or may no know, I'm moving out of Chale House and into a nice modern flat with my chum Scott and things are in the process of being sorted. So I gets this phonecall from Baker & Baker asking why they haven't received the reference from my current landlord, Roger! I'm like "I don't know! You have faxed him, right?" to which they say "Oh yeah, of course we have. He's been sitting on it for the last 6 days!" Now I know that Roger can be known for being rather slack in matters urgent but this is important. He knows that I've gotta move out pronto. He knows that I've got someone moving in seamlessly. He know's he's not gonna lose out on money (the typical landlord's only concern) So what's he hanging around for? I decide to ring him!

Me: "Roger, have you sent that reference to Baker & Baker yet?" (already knowing what his reply is gonna be!)
Roger: "What reference is that, Steve? I didn't get one from them" (told ya!)
M: "Well, they told me that they'd sent you a fax of a reference form for you to fill in and they're waiting for you to fax it back to them."
R: "Oooh no, I didn't get any faxes"


Now, I can't be sure who's at fault here! Either Bake & Baker were lying about sending him a fax or Roger forgot to fill it in and return it. Not good, cos it's that reference we're waiting on. So, I decide to get the fax number from Roger and give it to Baker & Baker myself and told them to fax him straight away. I also told Roger to fill it in and send it back as soon as he gets it. Both promised they will. Now, hopefully we should be able to get the keys by Wednesday at the latest and we can finally move in.

Sometimes it's better to sort these things out yourself!

listening to: Kings Of Leon - Kings of the Rodeo

Friday, September 09, 2005

Absolute Practice

The Absolute Darlings had a get together and rehearsal at my place last night in the lounge. They'd broken up about a year ago but are doing a special one-off gig for Peter's (stage name Pierre La Blag) 40th Birthday (I'm sure he'll love me bringing that up!) I stuck around for a bit but got bored so went into my room for a bit. Had a chat with Chantal about The Da Vinci Code - facinating. I think I wanna read that eventually. Whilst reading it she was refering to an art book so she could see what art parts of the book was referring to. As she was explaining stuff to me and showing me the pieces of art I started to feel inspired so spent the rest of the night making pictures.

Also, Reign Of Fire was on the tele last night. I forgot how good that film is! Here's a few pics!

Thursday, September 08, 2005


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