Tuesday, September 20, 2005


...who'd have 'em? I wouldn't thats for sure. And I used to be a landlord!!

As some of you may or may no know, I'm moving out of Chale House and into a nice modern flat with my chum Scott and things are in the process of being sorted. So I gets this phonecall from Baker & Baker asking why they haven't received the reference from my current landlord, Roger! I'm like "I don't know! You have faxed him, right?" to which they say "Oh yeah, of course we have. He's been sitting on it for the last 6 days!" Now I know that Roger can be known for being rather slack in matters urgent but this is important. He knows that I've gotta move out pronto. He knows that I've got someone moving in seamlessly. He know's he's not gonna lose out on money (the typical landlord's only concern) So what's he hanging around for? I decide to ring him!

Me: "Roger, have you sent that reference to Baker & Baker yet?" (already knowing what his reply is gonna be!)
Roger: "What reference is that, Steve? I didn't get one from them" (told ya!)
M: "Well, they told me that they'd sent you a fax of a reference form for you to fill in and they're waiting for you to fax it back to them."
R: "Oooh no, I didn't get any faxes"


Now, I can't be sure who's at fault here! Either Bake & Baker were lying about sending him a fax or Roger forgot to fill it in and return it. Not good, cos it's that reference we're waiting on. So, I decide to get the fax number from Roger and give it to Baker & Baker myself and told them to fax him straight away. I also told Roger to fill it in and send it back as soon as he gets it. Both promised they will. Now, hopefully we should be able to get the keys by Wednesday at the latest and we can finally move in.

Sometimes it's better to sort these things out yourself!

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