Friday, September 23, 2005

Move in

Hurrah!! We got the keys for the new flat this morning .... well, maybe that should be 'key' as there's only one of them! So looks liek we'll be moving in tonight!! And about blooming time too!!!!

I had a quick look around at lunch time to see what needs to be done! Not an awful lot. Just the usual stuff when you move in... wash kitchen cupboards, check light bulbs etc. We've got laminate flooring so we need to get a dustpan and brush cos the floor needs a good sweep!

On the way out I looked in the downstairs toilet - looks like the last tennants had a pee and then left it there cos it fookin stank really REAAAAALLYYY bad - I flushed it straight away, closed the door and headed back to work.

Although I hate moving (it's stressy work innit!) I can't wait to get myself in there and sorted!


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NinjaJedi said...

I have no idea what Forex is!! The only forex I know of is the Castlemain type!! But that's cool. I'll have a look and I'm sure it'll explain all about it!